Key Reasons to Hire a Senior Move Manager

Moving can be daunting, especially for seniors, but it could also be an opportunity to provide support when your loved one needs it. Seniors may need additional assistance when downsizing, planning, and executing the move itself. 


Seniors may have health and safety requirements that can complicate the moving process, so a professional senior move manager can make the whole process easier. Many organizations offer services specialized in assisting seniors who want to move. 


These are some of the reasons you should work with a senior move manager when planning a move. 



Senior relocations can involve many people. Most of these are family members who are available to care for the well-being of their loved one. Working with a senior move manager will help your loved ones understand how things should be done. A manager can help an apprehensive senior regain control throughout the moving process. Sometimes, the experience of moving can lead to the trauma of relocation, so it’s important to have someone equipped to handle these stresses.


Effective Planning

Step one of relocating to a new home is planning. A senior move manager can work with family members and other service providers to create a timeline, plus a strategy for transition. The idea is to ensure everything that needs to be done is done perfectly to allow the senior to settle in a new home with ease. Senior moving companies ensure everything is done at your pace, and they walk you through the steps to ensure a successful move. 


Downsizing and liquidating your current home is just the beginning. It’s wise to also work with an experienced local real estate professional in this phase. The Towne & Country Real Estate and Appraisals can ensure that you get the best possible yields for your property. 


Senior moving experts also offer assistance in helping seniors settle in the new home. You can work with them to customize your interior for ease of mobility or familiarity. 



As people age, they usually accumulate a lot of things, so an important step is parting with a large number of collected possessions. This is one of the most emotional highlights of moving for seniors as it involves sorting possessions to choose what to keep or discard. 


Family members and the senior move manager need to collaborate to retain the fondest keepsakes and decide which items can make the move or stay in the family. The manager guides everyone in making realistic decisions. A good manager will place the senior and their family in the driver’s seat, ensuring full control over what to sell, donate, or keep.


Reduced Stress

Moving is not only a physically involving experience, it’s an emotional one and can involve a lot of stress, especially for a senior citizen. A senior move manager can help you contain a lot of the stress of moving because they have completed the process many times and understand the challenges involved. They can efficiently prepare for the hiccups, solving unforeseen problems. Moving people is a job a senior move manager does every day, so they can offer suggestions you might not think about. While your family is busy with their daily routine, the manager ensures the new home really accommodates you. They take all the stress involved in the move.


Unpacking and Resettling

A senior moving company works with you every step of the way, so they ensure your possessions are handled with care. If you want the new place to look like your old home, they will replicate that emotional connection. Throughout the process, you don’t need to lift anything. The manager will oversee all the work and ensure your furniture and other possessions are placed in the correct places.


When you arrive at the new home, it’s important to consider security. The move manager can arrange for a locksmith to rekey your doors for optimum security. If this is something you’d prefer to do yourself, do a search using a keyword like ‘best locksmith near me’ or ask for referrals from people you may know in the area. If you’re searching online, ensure the locksmith has good reviews and they should be insured. Set aside $50 to $150 for the work but get estimates from different providers as this can vary depending on the work that needs to be done.


Relocating a senior is not something that happens every day. It requires planning and proper execution to ensure your loved one does not endure the stress of the moving process. With the involvement of a senior move manager, you can make the moving process smooth. And with the help of Towne & Country Real Estate and Appraisals, you are guaranteed a quick and lucrative home sale and maybe even find the perfect new home for your needs. Call 412-487-5010 today.

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